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Select The Appropriate Tires
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Choose the right tyres according to the model, driving style and the conditions of the road you are driving.


All of our tyres meet the exacting standards of Goodyear, so you can focus on selecting the tyres that suit your needs.

Weather conditions for your life and driving Depending on the local climatic conditions, you may need different tyres in different seasons.

If the winter temperature drops to -7℃, you should consider buying a set of winter tires.

Driving style Be sure to consider your driving style when choosing a tyre. If you travel frequently, consider choosing an economy with the farthest mileage. If your driving style tends to be more athletic, consider turning a higher-grip tyre.

Evaluating the performance characteristics of the tyres will help you find a tire that is best suited to your own style.

Choose tyre according to vehicle Matching tyre refers to the tire that the factory installs when the vehicle is manufactured. When choosing a matching tyre, the car manufacturer usually chooses a tyre that meets the maximum range of buyer's needs. The owner's manual may provide further recommendations for replacement tires.

Usually, matching tires are best for your vehicle, but you can also consider other options.

Budget Although it is not possible to tell you exactly how long a tyre can be used or how much fuel is saved, dealers can recommend the most cost-effective tyres based on your driving needs and budget.

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