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Inspection And Repair Of Tyres
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Tyre wear and scratching 

The front wheel or rear wheel positioning is not allowed to cause wear speed or uneven. The front wheel drive or the vehicle with independent rear suspension needs four-wheel positioning, not two-wheel positioning.

To extend the tyre life, it is recommended to follow the owner's manual instructions to check the positioning. Sometimes, irregular wear of tires can be corrected by rotating tires. Refer to the owner's manual or go to a nearby Goodyear retail store (insert a list of dealers to connect) to learn the correct way of rotation.

If the tyres exhibit uneven wear, please allow the Goodyear Professional staff to perform the inspection and correct the positioning, dynamic balance, or other mechanical problems associated with the rotation. The tread directly affects the grip, so it is important to periodically visually check for signs of uneven wear. These signs may include projections, depressions or unusually smooth areas.

"Tire intelligence", Rubber Manufacturers Association.

Inspection of tyres can help detect puncture holes or other obvious signs of damage that need to be replaced.


It is important to know when to change tyres and when to change them.

When leaking, should be removed to check the inside of the tyre.

When a tyre is short of gas, it is possible to damage the tyre even if it is a brief distance.

If only the tread is damaged, the majority of puncture holes, nail holes or other cuts not exceeding 1/4 inches (0.64 cm) can be repaired.

Puncture holes in the sidewall or tread larger than 1/4 inches (0.64 cm) shall not be repaired and shall not be repaired at the same time worn to a tread less than 1/16 inches (0.16 cm).

Dynamic balance and positioning

Tyre dynamic balance and correct positioning of vehicle are very important to tire life and vehicle performance.

Tyre imbalance can cause vibration, causing driver fatigue, premature tyre wear and unnecessary wear of the suspension system.

Every time you install a tyre, you have to balance it. When shaking or shaking is first shown, balance is made and the tyres are balanced once a year.