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How To Replace Flat Gas Tires
- Aug 01, 2018 -

1. First, it is important to ensure that vehicles are parked in a flat position away from traffic.

Tip: When the traffic flow is large, need to turn on emergency lights or double flash.

2. Then, place the support material before and after the tyre, and will not be lifted up to prevent rolling, increase stability.

3. Next, refer to the owner's manual for replacement tires and jacks.

4. Now, refer to the owner's manual to ensure proper placement of the jack to prevent damage to the vehicle.

5. Start the jack, while maintaining the ground pressure (not to lift all vehicles)

6. Remove the wheel cover or center cover, exposing the hub nut.

7. Unscrew the nut with the wrench along the counterclockwise direction.

8. After ensuring the stability of the jack, lift the vehicle to a sufficient distance to facilitate the removal of the tyre.

9. Put the spare tire on the wheel and place the hub nut back in position.

10. Rotate the nut clockwise with the wrench. Tip: Make sure the nut is tightened, but not too hard.

Otherwise, the vehicle may be detached from the jack. 

11. After driving a few kilometers, it is best to stop to check to make sure the nut is still fastened.