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How Do You Keep Your Best Driving Performance And Comfort Longer?
- Aug 01, 2018 -

◆ Check the tyre pressure every 3000 miles/4500 kilometres to keep the vehicle smooth and balanced, thereby increasing the efficiency of fuel use.

Note: The tire pressure should be adjusted to the door sign or the recommended value of the car manufacturer in the user manual under cold tyre condition.

◆ The inflated pressure shall not exceed the maximum limit value of the tyre side wall markings.

◆ Rotate the tires every 6,000–8,000 mile/10,000–13,000 kilometer, which helps to wear the tires evenly.

◆ According to the vehicle user manual, or once you feel the "pull" of the wheel, you need to check the wheel positioning.

◆ Visually inspect the tread for irregular wear as this may be a symptom of a problem with positioning or barometric pressure. For more information, please visit the Tire Personal Care section.