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Components Of A Tyre
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Parts of a tyre

Tire ring

The bead is made of high-strength steel wire covering the rubber, which makes the tyre and the rim tightly integrated into the wheel.

With the bundle layer The wire straps surround the tyre for a week to enhance strength and provide stability, made from steel wire woven with rubber-covered steel wire.

Sometimes the aramid cord is added to add additional strength, puncture resistance and durability.

Ply Layer The ply is the skeleton of a tyre made of fiber, usually made of a woven strand of fiber covered with rubber. This will make your tires flexible.

The ply, also known as the carcass ply, is placed directly on the inner lining of the tyre, and the strength of the tyre is provided by it.

Fetal side This is the area extending from the bead to a thicker rubber part of the tread and providing lateral stability of the tyre.

Here you will find all the tires made of information.

Knife Groove pattern and groove Tread pattern blocks are separated by deep grooves that will allow your tires to drain water, snow and mud.

The groove pattern is a smaller trench carved on a tread pattern block, which provides extra grip, especially for tires made from icy roads.

Tire shoulder A slightly tilted edge portion of the tread on your tyre that is divided by the sidewall.

Its pattern and structure play an important role in your steering control.

Tread surface This is the part of your tire that touches the rubber on the road. The tread provides both cushioning and grip, and its pattern and formula determine most of the most important performance features of your tires.

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