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When do I need to change the tyre?
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Tyre replacement

Regular inspection and maintenance of your tires will help prolong their life, but all tires will eventually be polished. The service life of tyres is different. It depends on your driving habits, the climate of your place of residence and how you maintain your tyres.

All polished or damaged tyres will need to be replaced. Tyre wear: Even the best maintenance does not prevent the tread from being polished over time. Most tyres have a wear indication point. These indicators, usually 1.6mm high, are the minimum tread depth that indicates safe driving.

You should also check the tread uneven wear patterns to find other problems that may exist for your tires or vehicles. Obvious damage: Please check fetal side and tread for damage. If you find a small crack in the sidewall-also known as a "crack"-it means it's time to change the tyre. The sidewall is not very thick, and the damaged sidewall may cause the tyre to be unusable.

You also need to check the tread, tire shoulder and sidewall bulge, bubble, cut or rip, which is a clear signal that you need a new tyre, even if the tyre is not polished. When purchasing a tyre replacement, it is best to replace all four tyres at a time. If you only buy two, make sure they match the worn tires and make sure they are mounted in the rear axle of the car, which provides better traction and stability when you drive.