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What is the meaning of the markings on the sidewall of the tyre?
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Find tyre size and other information according to the following figure: 

1. Tyre cross-section width (mm)

2. Ratio of section height to section width (%)

3. Tyre structure (r= meridian)

4. Rim diameter (inches)

5. Max load Capacity (load index)

6. Rated speed

7. Tyre without inner tire

8. Tread Wear indicator Strip position

9. ECE tyre recognition mark and number

10. Winter mud and snow driving capacity

11. Production date (week, year)

12. Traffic compliance Symbol

13. Ministry of communications manufacturer Code/li>

14. Origin

15. Product Name

16. Tyre structure Details (Ministry of Transportation)

17. Load and pressure signs (Ministry of Transport)

18. Tyre type (meridian) Logo (Quality level) required by U.S. Consumer information regulations