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What are the signs that the tires are about to be damaged?
- Aug 01, 2018 -

The signal found Tread wear indication points: these hard rubber wear points are designed to appear when the tread of your tyre is about to be polished. If these wear indicators show up, you need to buy a new one.

If you are unsure of their location, you can see the symbols associated with their location on the sidewall; Tire tread Wear: The minimum depth of tread residual pattern should be between 2-3mm. It's a good idea to buy a trench deep ruler that is not expensive to check the minimum tread pattern depth required by law.

Make sure that you also measure the depth of the outside and inside of the tread.

A small object is stuck in the tread: it is often seen that a small object is stuck in the tread, if it's stuck in a trench, be careful to take them out to avoid damaging the tires; if a dot looks like it's wearing rubber, like a nail, don't move it before it is delivered to the repair shop, which may cause the tyre to lose tyre pressure. Tire Lateral Wear: If you find that your tires have both sides of the tread pattern wear, you may need to fill the gas or check whether the leak. Tyre pressure will naturally decrease, but driving in a state of lack of gas will increase fuel consumption and increase the risk of accidents. Make sure the tire pressure is checked regularly.

If you only found a tire shoulder wear on the front wheel, it is possible that the snake is driving or turning too fast. Tread Center Excessive wear: If the tread center than two shoulder wear larger, may be inflated pressure, this will increase the risk of puncture.

Please refer to the requirements of the depot and use the barometer to release gas to the recommended tyre pressure value of the depot. Uneven wear of a single tyre: tread wear patterns will remind you of possible problems with the vehicle. If you find that the pattern pitch uneven wear, or bald spots, may need to do the wheel's dynamic balance or positioning.

Sometimes bald spot wear indicates shock absorber wear, please consult a professional to solve. Uneven wear on tyre marks: your tires will not be polished at the same speed. The front axle bears the engine and most of the steering work, so the tires on the front axle will be polished more quickly. If they are found to be faster than normal wear and tear, check the suspension system.

If the tyre on one side of the vehicle is more worn than the other side, it may be necessary to locate it. Tire edge serrated edge pattern wear: If you find that your tires have a predestined or feathery appearance along the edges, the possible cause is an unstable friction on the road. This may be a need for positioning.