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Should the tires be rotated?
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Regular and proper rotation of tires can make the tire wear more evenly. 

All all-weather tyres should be rotated in a "cross forward" manner, wherein the two tyres to the drive shaft should be crossed forward and the remaining two tires should be moved from the drive shaft to the free scroll shaft and mounted on the original side. This method ensures that all four tires have more uniform wear on the tread lines. 

The only exception to this method is the use of "single Guide" tires, which should rotate around the same side. 

If it is a four-wheel drive vehicle, we recommend that all two pairs of tyres be rotated to a new position on the drive shaft. 

For conventional vehicles, the tyres should be rotated at least once every 10,000 kilometres, and four-wheel-drive vehicles should rotate once every 6,000 kilometres. Please consult the vehicle User manual for the manufacturer's rotation recommendations. The first rotation is the most important. When the tyre is rotated, the tire pressure must be adjusted to the recommended value of the vehicle manufacturer.

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