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Production flow of Tyre
- Aug 01, 2018 -


The rubber in your tires mixes up to 30 ingredients, and the ratio of raw materials depends on the performance targets of the tyres.

It is made up of various types of rubber, fillers, and other raw materials, which are mixed together in a giant blender called the Banbury Mixer to produce a black sticky rubber that will be used for calendering.

2. Rolling

After the rubber is cooled, it is sent to a special mixer, where the rubber is cut into strips that form the basic structure of the tyre.

At this stage, other parts of the tyre will be prepared, some of which will cover another type of rubber.

3. Molding 

From inside to outside into the tyre itself. Fibre fabric, wire harness, bead, ply, tread and other components are placed in a tyre forming machine to ensure that each part is in its exact position.

The output looks somewhat like the final product, called the birth tire.

4. Sulphur 

The raw tire is placed in a heated mold and is pressurized and cured for vulcanization, and all tyre parts are pressed together and given the final shape of the tyre, including its tread pattern and the manufacturer's sidewall markings.

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